Masland City Center Fashion District 9509302

City Center

Fashion District

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The intricate pattern of City Center was inspired by the cross street grids from the heart of the city. It has the texture and appearance of a woven product plus the performance and stain resistance of solution dyed nylon. Whatever the application - offices, home theaters, basements or stairways, commercial or residential, City Center provides the answer. With colors influenced by steel, stone, cement and wood, City Center offers 9 beautiful tri-color hues that will truly be the center of attention in any room.
Masland City Center Statue 9509807
Masland City Center Fashion District 9509302
Fashion District
Masland City Center Harbour 9509609
Masland City Center Urban 9509703
Masland City Center Park View 9509705
Park View
Masland City Center Pavement 9509806
Masland City Center Soho 9509101
Masland City Center Sidewalk 9509204
Masland City Center Skyline 9509208

Product Attributes

Collection City Center
Color Fashion District
Construction Tip Sheared Loop
Style Patterned
Application Residential
Width 12 Ft.